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Christmas Printables for Holiday Decor

I reluctantly put away my fall home decorations the other day but getting out my Christmas home décor bins cheered me right back up!  I have a few new holiday decorating ideas from Pinterest that I’m going to try this year.  And of course, I have several of my new Christmas Printable wall art designs printed out on cardstock and ready to put in frames.  I have several frames that I keep stored with my Christmas decoration bins and I’ll just swap out the front print - or keep it as is if I love what's in there already! 

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Are you excited for the holiday season?  It became winter pretty much overnight here in Virginia, but that definitely helped me to get into the spirit.  My oldest comes home from college next week for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait!  My boys still enjoy doing seasonal word searches and silly games that I print out.  They are both super competitive so that helps LOL.  This year I did not get around to creating my own holiday word searches, but I found some great ones on Pinterest and on Etsy. 

Christmas Wall Gallery

Christmas Wall Art Printables

Christmas Tree Print

If you’re on my newsletter list, or you’ve been to my shop recently, you’ve seen me post a whole bunch of new winter seasonal art designs.  One of my favorites is this set of three Christmas tree prints.  There are so many ways to integrate these into your Christmas home décor.  You could do a Christmas gallery wall with all three in a row.  Or separate them, print in different sizes and spread them throughout your home.  I love to use a Christmas printable in a small 4x6 frame for bedroom holiday decorations.  Simple, inexpensive and festive. 


Printable Christmas Card Set

Christmas Elf Letters

Christmas Elf Letter

So excited! I posted these in the shop a few weeks ago.  I updated my Elf Printables listing.  With updated graphics and new content, these will be so helpful for all the parents out there needing new ideas for their mischievous Christmas elf.  There is an elf arrival letter, with editable fields so you can personalize with your kid(s) names and your elf name.  There are also four more letters to use throughout the season.  Each letter is actually a unique poem that I wrote.  PLUS I added two sheets that you can use for two additional elf visit ideas.  These have a note at the top suggesting to your child to use the paper to write a note to Santa which the elf will take back with him/her that night.  It can be challenging to come up with new hiding places and new ideas to keep the visits interesting so incorporate these elf poems to change things up! 

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