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Best Selling Virtual Assistant Business Startup eBook

It has been a goal of mine to write an eBook on Starting a Virtual Assistant Business. I admit, I made several attempts to dedicate the time, but life and work always got in the way. Well, 2020 turned out to be a good year to get projects done that have been stuck on the back burner. This was one of those projects for me.

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I completed my Practical Guide to Setting up Your Virtual Assistant Business eBook and I am very excited to share it! Just as the title says, this virtual assistant business planner contains practical information and steps to guide you through a streamlined setup. The ultimate goal is to efficiently setup your business systems and processes, so they are sustainable in-order-to keep your daily administrative tasks to a minimum.  That will give you more time to focus on marketing to prospects and doing client work.  Of course, client work equals billable hours and that is the whole idea!

Included with the Business Planner is my best-selling one-page Virtual Assistant Client Agreement

My career in the virtual assistant industry has been very rewarding. It is not a get rich quick home business opportunity. It takes work to establish yourself and to develop a reputation for reliable and quality work. At the same time, you are your own boss and you’re making your own hours!

This link will take you directly to the Virtual Assistant Business Planner.  While you’re there, but sure to check out the other Professional, Customizable and Affordable business forms and documents.

Affordable & Professional Business Forms for Virtual Assistants

The business documents and forms that I use every day to run my own virtual assistant business are now available for purchase.  Let me share some information about the value and benefit of the business forms and resources I offer.

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Where to Start?

All of the documents and templates were created for virtual assistants specifically. If you follow me, you may already know that over the years I’ve had at least a dozen aspiring virtual assistants reach out to me for advice.  Some of the ladies I spoke with (and I don’t intend to imply that virtual assistants are only women – that’s just who I talked to) were sent to me by my clients.  If that is not a great testimonial, I don’t know what is.  Others found me from my website or social media channels.

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Where to find virtual assistant templates

One of the questions that usually came up was ‘where do I find a virtual assistant contract, client intake forms, invoice template etc.’ The truth is, I spent a couple of months researching the potential of a career as a virtual assistant before I launched in 2008. I paid a pretty penny to join a virtual assistant networking group that included access to resources and documents. While the connections were valuable, the forms did not meet my criteria.

 I have tweaked them over the years, but they have not changed much at all for the last 6 years. My goal has always been to have systems and processes that are streamlined and easily repeated. The less time I have to spend keeping my businesses day-to-day operations running smoothly, the more time I have for client work. That’s what a VA wants!

You can check out the Professional, Customizable and Affordable Business Forms for Virtual Assistants here. Whether you’re a new virtual assistant or an established virtual assistant needing to develop or streamline business systems and processes, I believe you’ll find something that will benefit your business.

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