Printable Planner Pages To Love!

Printable Planner Pages To Love!

Personal Planner Pages

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Oh, how I love a good planner.  I use the calendar on my phone and have plenty of apps for kid’s sports and school events, but I am still partial to a simple, hard copy, hold in my hand, fill in with fun-colored pens, planner page for my daily schedule, goals, meal tracking - you name it.

The planners shown below are simple, minimalist designs that are easy to use.  They are part of my ‘Basics Collections’.  Straight forward no fuss printable calendars and printable planner inserts.  My personal preference is a one-page week-at-a-glance planner.  I print it out and write down my to do’s and tasks at the start of my week.  My favorite part is definitely crossing them out when they are done.  And of course, I add more as things come up. 

Printable Weekly Planner Inserts

Printable Weekly Planner   

I know some people prefer a digital planner so I’ll be posting a one page weekly grid calendar in my shop soon.  I’m in the design process right now.  The digital versions are super simple to use as well.  Each day of the week has a block that is a fillable a text box.  And if you have an especially busy day, the text will adjust to a smaller size to fit within the space.

Weekly Menu Planner

Another planner page insert that I rely on is my weekly meal planner printable.  We’re a busy family with two kids in activities (like most people reading this) and if I don’t plan our dinners ahead of time, we’ll be eating cereal and sandwiches most nights. While there is nothing wrong with breakfast for dinner or a simple sandwich night, I enjoy cooking, so if I plan ahead I can arrange my schedule to grocery shop for all the ingredients I need for the upcoming week.  I am actually a Pinterest recipe fanatic.  So, each week, I plan out our meals and my grocery list.  These mini bundles include a grocery list sheet as well.  I print double-sided to save paper too.

Sometimes I’ll plan breakfast or lunch ahead of time on the weekends, but more often than not we figure that out on the fly. Maybe some day I’ll plan out more breakfast and lunch ideas.  If you want to go that extra step and plan it all, I designed a weekly meal sheet for that too – also included in these mini meal planner bundles.

One last thing when it comes to meal planning.  Does anyone else have a deep freezer that is frustratingly full and hard to keep organized?  Years ago, I decided the only way to fix the problem was to create a printable freezer inventory tracking sheet.  Every couple of months, I go down to the basement and pull everything out to make sure it’s still good, and to double check my freezer inventory list.  This simple freezer meal tracking page has been a life saver!

So if you’re like me, and a good old fashioned hard copy printable planner insert is your preference, I have a lot of options in my shop.  And be sure to keep coming back as I am starting to design more and more digital planner pages too!    

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